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Roofers in Highland Village TX: Best Materials Roofers Use For A Flat Roof On Your Highland Village Home

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roofers in highland village txThere are many advantages to using a flat roof. Good roofers in Highland Village TX will tell you flat roofs are the more affordable option. Although specialist teams used to install a flat roof correctly can be expensive, flat roofs are cheaper to construct than pitched roofs and will require less material to cover the same span. Unlike conventional pitched roofs, flat roofs allow much more freedom with floor plans. This flexibility is because the structure of the house isn’t reliant on holding up that pitched roof. With a flat-roofed home, you can place walls wherever you please! Another benefit is the artistic and stylistic freedom that to the roof itself. A flat roof essentially provides another story to your home. This space can become a patio, garden space, solar panel space, or practically anything you might want. Read on for more information on the six best flat roofing material options for your Highland Village home. 

Single-Ply Roofs:

Single-ply roofs are roofing systems in which the principal roof covering is a single layer of flexible membrane often thermoset or thermoplastic.

  • PVC –
    • Lasts around 15 to 30 years.-
    • Installation of a PVC membrane costs roughly $7.00 to $10.00 per square foot.
    • Benefits:
      • Welded seams during installment make PVC strongest and most durable single-ply roofing material.
      • Reflective properties make PVC energy efficient
      • Completely waterproof due to welded seams as well
    • Disadvantages:
      • Costly to install
  • EPDM –
    • Lasts about 10 to 15 years.
    • Costs between $4.00 and $7.00 per square foot installed.-
    • Benefits:
      • Affordable to install
    • Disadvantages:
      • Not as durable as PVC,
      • ABsorbs heat (high utility bill)
  • TPO –
    • Lasts about 7 to 20 years.
    • Costs are approximately $5.00 to $8.50 per square foot installed
    • Benefits:
      • Energy efficient
      • Features welded seams like PVC which adds durability
      • Affordable
    • Disadvantages:
      • Quality of the product varies.
      • Cheap versions opt for lower quality filler resulting in an inconsistency between brands.
  • Spray-On:
    • Last up to 20 years.
    • The material chosen will determine the cost:
      • Polyurethane foam is roughly $3.00 per square foot and
      • Acrylic is roughly $6.00 per square foot
      • Silicon- This is the agreed upon premier spray application, but the material costs can drive installation prices up to $6.00 to $10.00+per square foot.
    • Benefits:
      • Protective coating styles of roofing like spray-ons have none of the seams that you see with membrane roofs.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Most costly to install.

Multi-Ply Roofs:



  • Modified Bitumen:


    • Lasts for 10 to 20 years.
    • Estimated costs are $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot installed.
    • Benefits:
      • Unlike PVC, TPO & EPDM, Bitumen can withstand collisions and sharp objects when applied in a multi-ply style.
      • A modern alternative to built-up Roofs
    • Disadvantages:
      • Black color absorbs heat.
      • Won’t withstand water pooling.
      • Must be installed with granules which are an additional cost or the temperature of your home will rise considerably.
  • Built Up Roof:
    • Last around 15 to 20 years.
    • Costs range from $5.00 to $7.00 per square foot installed.
    • Benefits:
      • Up to 4-ply of tar and gravel allow BUs to withstand heavy foot traffic.
      • Can withstand heavy collisions (tree branch)
    • Disadvantages:
      • Very heavy which requires added reinforcement from home itself. (negates free floorplan pro) 

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