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Good Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofers in Flower Mound TX

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So you’ve noticed you’ve got some shingles loose or, worse, a leaky roof! You look online for local roofers but how do you know who to pick? Roofers in Flower Mound TX are expensive enough without having to pay twice for the same job. Trying to find reliable, efficient roofing is not to be taken lightly. Here are some critical questions to ask before hiring a roofer to come work on your Flower Mound home.

Does this roofing business have a good track record?

The first step when hiring a roofing business is to check their online reviews. Any business worth its salt will not only have more positive reviews than negative but a large number of reviews overall. Good companies will have a steady flow of happy customers ready to give positive reviews.


How long has this business been around?

Another essential thing to take into consideration is how long a business has been around. It is better to choose the well-established business over the lower priced new one. A business that has been around longer tends to have more experience and has been able to maintain a good client base to keep them running over the years. Be wary of fairly new businesses who overpromise. These may be fraudulent individuals.


Are they licensed?

Roofers in Denton, TX are not required to have a license before doing any work. However, it is still much safer to go with a licensed business over an unlicensed one. The more qualified the better when it comes to hiring roofers to come work on your home. Taking that extra step to make sure their business is licensed shows the business cares and is willing to give you the service you deserve.


Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?

The BBB is an indispensable asset to consumers. The BBB provides information about a company before you do business with it so that you can make intelligent buying decisions.

Any serious and established roofing company will be a longstanding member of the BBB.


Do they carry workers comp Insurance?

The last thing you want is more liability and workers comp insurance will free you from having to pay for any accidents that happen during installation. Making sure your project has proper coverage on the part of the business you work with will give you peace of mind.

After asking these five questions and careful consideration, finding reliable roofers for your Denton home will prove to be a breeze.