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January 17, 2017
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Roof Leaks in Corinth TX: The Most Vulnerable Spots on your Roof

roof leaks in corinth txRoof leaks in Corinth TX are the last thing any homeowner wants to see in their home. Leaks mean trouble for your roof and your home. When you first notice a leak then it’s possible that significant damage has already occurred. To prevent the situation from worsening you’ll want to locate the source of the leak as fast as possible. Unfortunately, locating roof leaks can be quite the task.

Our expert staff at First Out Roofing in Dallas, Texas understands the stress involved when roof leaks are discovered. We offer services to help you repair your roof and prevent further damage. Our team wants to share our expertise on the subject of roof leaks with you. We want you to be aware of where roof leaks commonly occur and how to locate the source of a leak.

Where do Roof Leaks Occur?

Finding roof leaks can be difficult. Understanding your roof and its vulnerable spots can make finding these leaks much easier. Sometimes the source of the leak is obvious when your roof is missing shingles or has obvious wear and tear. Other times, you need to closely and carefully inspect your roof. When inspecting your roof you want to be very careful. It’s not difficult to damage your roof simply by walking on it. You also want to be careful about falling, especially if your roof has a steep pitch.

The valleys on your roof are particularly vulnerable to leaks. A valley is where two areas of your roof meet in a crevice. The valleys on your roof can be constructed in a variety of ways. Some contractors use metal flashing to help prevent roof leaks while others may use rolled roofing. If these valleys aren’t sufficiently sealed then they won’t be able to keep water out of your home.

Chimneys are another vulnerable point that is susceptible to roof leaks. The flashing around your chimney can be complicated and if any part of it fails it could result in a leak. Check the flashing around your chimney for any cracks or deterioration. It doesn’t take much to create roof leaks in Corinth TX, so look carefully.

Other protrusions such as plumbing vents and furnaces are also more likely to develop roof leaks. Newer vent flashings are particularly vulnerable. This is because they typically use a rubber seal with aluminum flashing. The rubber ages quickly and can cause the vent to leak in as early as 10 years. When performing your roof inspection you should check for cracked rubber. Furnace vents are very similar to plumbing vents. You’ll want to be sure to check the metal storm collar if one is present to make sure it hasn’t become loose.

Other Areas Vulnerable to Roof Leaks in Corinth TX

If your roof stops at a vertical wall then you’ll want to make sure you have metal flashing in place. The flashing will help direct water down the wall and away from the edge of the shingles. This is called head wall flashing. Wall step flashing occurs where your roof climbs a vertical wall. Flashing needs to be properly installed at these locations as well to prevent any leaks.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow then you will want to keep your eyes open for ice dams. Ice dams are a major cause of roof leaks in the winter months. Without supervision after heavy snow storms, your otherwise healthy roof, may suffer from leaks as a result of ice dams. Ice dams occur when snow and ice begin to melt and slide down to the eaves of your roof. The eaves are naturally cooler than the rest of your roof. This can allow the snow and ice to refreeze at the edge, blocking your gutters. As ice and snow continue to melt off of the higher points of your roof, it backs up behind these ice dams. The natural flow of water off of your roof is disrupted.

As water builds up behind your ice dam it can make its way under shingles and flashings. Once a leak of this nature begins, it can take a significant amount of time and effort to stop. In many areas, contractors will install water proof membranes at the eaves of the house to protect against water build up from ice dams. However, if you’re not in an area that regularly receives snow then a heavy winter can cause serious damage.

When to Call a Professional Roofing Company

Any time that your home experiences roof leaks, you may consider reaching out to a professional roofing company. Not only will they be able to inspect and correct the current leak, but they can also look for any other vulnerable spots that could develop leaks. They’ll also be able to provide you with an estimate of how much longer your roof may have before it needs to be replaced.