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September 14, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Roof Replacement is a Big Investment – Know What to Ask Before Starting the Process

When it comes time to have a full roof replacement, it can be a worrisome prospect. It can take a normal repair

First Out Roofing Denton, Texas specializes in new commercial roofs, full roof replacement, roof repairs, roof leaks, gutters, windows, wind damage, hail damage and roof maintenance. 204 W Hundley Suite 2 Lake Dallas, TX 75065 (940) 227-4411

First Out Roofing Denton, Texas specializes in new commercial roofs, full roof replacement, roof repairs, roof leaks, gutters, windows, wind damage, hail damage and roof maintenance.
204 W Hundley Suite 2
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
(940) 227-4411

and make it into something of dread for some people because they do not know what to expect. If you are facing a full roof replacement soon, then it is important that you ask the right questions to the contractors that you are considering prior to signing on the dotted line. Here are five questions you should be sure to ask prior to getting a roof replacement done to your home.

What Is All Included with the Estimate the Company is Providing?

This is a very important question. You can get multiple types of estimates prior to a roof replacement. Sometimes your estimate will cover only the basics like the materials and how many man hours the job should take, while other times your estimates are fully comprehensive. This means that you are quoted for the materials, the labor, and permits, among other things. You want an estimate that covers the full cost of the roof replacement, not one that is simply telling you that it is going to cost you one low amount, only to stick you with a much higher bill when all is said and done. If you do not trust what the estimate says, your best bet is to find another roofing company in Denton, Texas, to handle this job.

Should the Roofers Get Hurt, Is The Company Fully Bonded and Insured?

Roofing companies are required to be bonded and insured prior to doing any work anywhere, but the problem is, not all companies follow what the law has to say. You should ask this question before signing anything, and require proof that both are in good standing. That way, should anyone fall or get hurt during your roof replacement, you are not the one being sued, but rather, the company is able to cover the cost of its own employee’s injury. If you come across a company that is not willing to show you that they have all of the proper current paperwork, it is best to move on and avoid working with that company, just to be on the safe side.

Does Your Roofing Work Come with a Warranty?

Warranties are very important when it comes to a roof replacement. You do not want to hire out to someone again in a year or two to do the same job you are having done now because of a problem. You should find out before hiring a company what type of warranty they offer, and how you get work done on the warranty, should you ever need it. Some companies will send someone out as soon as you call to check and see what is going on, while others need a specific amount of time to get out there and have a look around. Each company is slightly different, so make sure that you are working with a company that is going to be there right when you need them to avoid further issues from something like a leak or curled shingles.

What Brands of Materials Will Be Used in Your Roof Replacement?

When you pay a roofing company a lower fee than other companies, it may be that they can give you that discount by offering lower quality materials. If that is the case, you are more apt to experience some type of a problem with your roof in just a few years, compared to better quality materials that can last 10, 20, or more years. Make sure you find out what brand name products your roofing company plans to use, and do your homework on that brand. You want a good brand that is going to be around if you need something replaced, not a brand that you cannot guarantee that will be there, leaving you no choice other than to use another brand that may not match down the line.

Which Installation Methods Will Be Used During Your Roof Replacement?

There are a couple different ways to do a roof replacement, and one is going to cost more than the other. You can either have new shingles put down directly over the old set of shingles, or you can have everything on your roof torn down, and you can have your roof replacement started from scratch. If you have another layer placed on your roof, it adds to the weight on the roof and could cause issues, especially in older Denton, Texas homes. However, if you want to start from scratch, then you need to make sure you include that in your budget as that adds to the man-hours that the job will take. Both can work, depending on your home and your needs, but it is best to know what to expect before you begin the process.

When You Need Reliable Roof Replacement Work Done, It Is Best to Contact the Professionals

Having a roof replacement is an important expense for your home, and the only way you will get peace of mind when having it done, is to have it done right. Make sure you call in professional roofers if you want to be sure that your roof replacement is top-notch and will help your home stay comfortable and dry for years to come.

If you need a roof replacement, contact the experts at First Out Roofing. They can be reached at (940)227-4411 and they can give you an estimate that will leave you feeling sure they will do the job right the first time.