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March 6, 2017
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Roof Replacement Corinth TX Options for a Flat Roof Need to Be Assessed

Do you have a building with a flat roof that is soon going to need a full roof replacement Corinth TX? You have unique

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challenges that those with an angled roof do not. Most of the time, a flat roof will have more continuous leaking issues than an angled roof will, leading you to have to go through and perform more maintenance and repairs. If you have been trying to patch up leaks as they happen, it may be time to consider a roof replacement instead of another batch of fixes.

Assessing Your Flat Roof for a Roof Replacement or More Repairs

When you are facing another leak, you need to go through and assess your roof. You need to look around and see what could be causing the leaks, and figure out if there is a way to keep water from pooling on top of your roof. Since the roof is flat, pooling water is going to be a consistent issue more often than not. If you would do another set of repairs, would it stop the pooling in that area from being a problem? Or would you end up still suffering from the same problem? If you would end up with the same basic issue, then you may seriously want to consider a full roof replacement.

By doing a full roof replacement, you may be able to add a very gradual grade to your otherwise flat roof. That can help give you more water movement when it rains or snows, and leave you with less water pooled up to cause problems. Not all roofs are able to be graded to where there is complete water runoff, but many of them can have enough of a slope to be able to keep you from suffering from consistent leaks into your building.

The best way to get an accurate assessment of your roof is to hire a roof replacement expert that is skills in the nuances of flat roofs. They are different than angled roofs on many different levels, so you need someone that is going to know if you need a roof replacement or a set of repairs specifically for a flat roof. General roofers in the Denton, Texas area are not typically as skilled in how flat roofs need to be cared for, so make sure you call in a roofer with the skills your building needs.

Common Issues That Would Not Require a Roof Replacement Corinth TX

Flat roofs have unique issues due to their being flat. These issues can make it to where you have a lot of leaks, but if dealt with properly, you would not need a roof replacement. Seams and the roof’s flashing are the two most common areas for leaks to occur. These break down because of pooling water that sits on your roof for at least 48 hours, often much more. You may have also had some of the rubber backing used on your roof shrink, leaving exposed areas that could lead to a leak. If your building has foot traffic on top, such as a commercial building, someone may have punctured the surface by dropping something or stepping on a seam wrong. Fixing any of these common issues could make it to where a roof replacement may not be necessary, but only an experienced roofer would really know.

If You Do Need a Roof Replacement, What Options Do You Have?

When you have gotten to where the materials on your flat roof have gotten to their end of their lifespan (5-30 years, depending on the materials), or if your original roof was not properly installed, you definitely need to get a roof replacement. Not getting a roof replacement during either of these circumstances leaves you shelling out a lot of money for a problem that is not going to be fixed. Whenever possible, opt for a roof replacement with the best materials on the market. PVC as your flat roofing materials allow you to bypass the leaks and have a nearly worry-free flat roof for up to 30 years. Pooling will not affect the PVC, and it can help keep your heating and cooling costs down, making it the ideal roof replacement material.

Turn to the Experts in Flat Roofing, when a Roof Replacement is What You Need

Finding just any company to do your roof replacement is never a good idea. You need someone that has experience performing the task you need for the type of roof you have. A flat roof replacement is not the same as one that is done on an angular roof, and only the pros are going to know how to do it right. Make sure you call in people who are willing to show you what needs to be done and why, so you can feel confident in their experience and ability to fix the problem at hand.

For your next flat roof replacement, give First Out Roofing a call. They can be reached at (940)227-4411.