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Roofers in Hickory Creek TX Answer “When does storm damage require repairs?”

roofers in hickory creek txOur roofers in Hickory Creek TX are ready for thunderstorm season in North Texas! Everyone knows severe hail or a downed tree tends to result in damage to your roof, but any thunderstorm has the potential to cause lasting damage with heavy wind or rain. Here are some signs that you need to call professional roofers in Hickory Creek, TX.

Look for damage to your roof

If there is debris resulting from a storm, it’s important to give your roof a once over to make sure all is well. Walk around the perimeter of your home and look for signs of damage. Look for shingles that are missing, torn, curled or any denting to the roof. If the storm caused a lot of debris (such as broken tree limbs), make sure no large limbs have fallen on your roof.

Look around your property

Hail damage on your roof can be tough to spot from the ground. Look for signs of hail damage on any siding, wood decking, or vehicles that were left outside. If there was hail damage in these areas, your roof may have been damaged as well.

Check your attic and ceilings

Just because there aren’t clear, visible signs that your roof is damaged doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Look for any water stains on your ceilings or in your attic. Light fixtures are a common place to spot a leak or a water stain. Any water drips or pooling in the attic is a good sign your roof is need of repair.

Stay safe

It’s important to call in professional roofers if you suspect roof damage rather than getting on the roof yourself for further inspection. This is particularly important if there are any large tree limbs or trees that fell on your roof, as there may be structural damage to your home. If a tree did fall on your home, leave the premises immediately (gathering all children and pets) until someone can come out for an inspection.
The most important thing is to call your local roofers in Hickory Creek immediately if you suspect any damage to your roof after a thunderstorm. A small leak can quickly turn into a huge, expensive problem in your home. For more information on roof repair, call First Out Roofing at (940) 227-4411 for a free consultation from the best roofers in Hickory Creek TX. Don’t let storm damage to your roof go unnoticed!