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December 9, 2015
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December 9, 2015
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Roofing Installation

Roofing can be a daunting task without the proper know how and experience.  It’s recommended that you reach out to a reputable roofing company if you find yourself needing to replace a roof or if you’re putting a roof on a new building.  Often times, in order to become efficient and skilled at roofing, you will need quite a bit of experience.  Its best that this task be left to the professionals due to the risk involved for your own personal safety as well as the safety and wellbeing of your home in the event that the roofing has not been installed properly.

Prior to Roofing Installation

Before you have your roof replaced, it’s important to have a clean work area.  You will want to identify dangerous areas such as structural damage, power lines, and any other areas that look like they could pose a threat to the roofing crew.  They will also inspect the area themselves, but any information you can provide them leading up to the roofing installation will be beneficial and save them time.

As far as the area surrounding and within your home, it’s a good idea to place tarps over nearby plants and trees unless this is something that the roofing company has said that they will take care of.  It’s also a good idea to move or cover anything else that could easily be damaged by falling debris, including parking your vehicles a reasonable distance from the work site.  It’s also a good idea to remove wall hangings and any loose items as they may fall during the roofing process.

Often times the roofing crew will bring their own tarps to catch debris, or they will pull a truck with a trailer up to your home to drop the debris into.  Once everything is protected and in place, the roofing crew will begin to strip the existing roof from the building.

During Roofing Installation

After the previous roofing materials have been removed, the crew will then be able to inspect and analyze the area for any potential damage or repairs that need to be done prior to the installation of the new roof.  At this point they will advise you of any issues that they find and should provide you with an estimate of what the cost would be to repair the issues.  If your roof has been neglected, then it is more likely that they will find problems than if you had been properly maintaining and monitoring the status of your roof.

After any needed repairs have been made, the roofing crew will prepare to lay the new roof.  Typically, they will first install roof protection over the entire roof, and add a leak barrier to areas that may be susceptible to leaks such as the valleys of your roof.

The next most important part of the installation process is properly setting the starter shingles.  These shingles must be placed properly so they are able to stand up to wind and weather.   The shingles will be held in place with nails.  However, it is important that this be done properly by professionals.  If nails are not driven properly, or if they are at an angle, or even if they’re an inch out of position they can weaken the integrity of the roof and cause leaks or shingle loss.

The roofing crew will also install flashing anywhere that surfaces intersect on your roof such as around vents or fire places.  This will help waterproof these vulnerable areas and ensure that your roof and your home last longer.

To finish the roofing installation, the crew will install ridge vents and ridge cap shingles.  Ridge vents help vent the moist, hot air in your attic that can affect your belongings.  The ridge cap shingles will protect the highest points of your roof and make them less vulnerable to damage.

After Roofing Installation

After the roof has been installed, the crew will collect the debris and clean the work area.  Many roofing companies will also run a magnet over the area to ensure that all lose nails are collected.  The roof of an average sized house can be replaced in a day or even less by an experienced roofing crew.

Do to the complexities and specifications of creating a long lasting, durable roof, it is recommended that you not try to replace your roof on your own.  This is a task that is better suited for experts with experience who can perform the job to the highest level with the most efficiency.  Many roofing companies offer a warranty with their work as well, whereas if you were to do the job yourself, you may be at risk for any potentially serious errors that you could make.

If you have any questions about roofing and your roofing needs, contact First Out Roofing.