Dallas Roofer

dallas rooferFirst Out Roofing knows why a roof is such an important aspect of an area home. With severe weather a common occurrence in North Texas, it is only a matter of time before you will need a quality Dallas roofer. The weather in Dallas can be extreme and ranges from below zero to well over 100 degrees. This vast range in temperature can affect your home and roof.

Common Dallas Weather

Dallas is dry and warm for most of the year. Summer can be extremely hot, especially in July or August. The temperature ranges from 90 to over 100 in the summer months. Winter is typically mild compared to the North. Temperatures range from zero to around the 60s for most of the winter. While snow or ice storms are rare, they do occur in the region. The area is very well known for strong thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes. It is the extreme wet weather that causes the most damage to roofs.The two most common damaging factors are hail and wind. While tornadoes can cause extreme roof damage, wind damage is simply more common.

Wind Damage

The most common damage faced by a Dallas roofer is known as straight line wind damage. This occurs more often than damage from tornadoes. The damage that occurs from this type of wind occurs as a result of outflow created by a thunderstorm downdraft. Often called downbursts, these winds pack a punch. The wind is fast, strong and can cause damage that usually occurs in a straight line, hence the name.

Hail Damage

A common event that every Dallas roofer knows well is hail. Hail falls from the sky during a weather event as pellets of ice. These pellets can vary in size from smaller, pea-sized pellets to hailstones as big as large softballs. While hail can damage crops and livestock, most Dallas residents are familiar with hail events damaging their cars and roofs. Roofs take a beating with hail storms and require an inspection if hail is over dime-sized.

Only Hire Local Roofers

As any Dallas roofer will explain, roof damage can be very hard to actually see. In order to ensure you protect your most valuable asset, you will want to ensure you hire a trusted, unbiased third party to represent you. Your insurance company represents themselves, not you. You need to hire an experienced Dallas roofer that knows how to deal with insurance companies to ensure you get what you have paid for.

When it comes to trusting a roofer, go local! When there are large events that cause an abundance of damage, fraud can run rampant. Hiring a local Dallas roofer ensures you will be dealing with an established company that can be trusted. Don’t be fooled by someone saying they are local. Do your homework and ensure the company is, in fact, local, bonded and insured before you hire them.