Denton Texas

Denton is a city rich in culture and has quite an interesting history. A suburb located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area, it is only twenty minutes away from so many other things. But you don’t have to travel outside the city to find things to do. Here is a list of some of the most popular events. From the Dog Days of Summer to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, the city is boasting with arts, crafts and music in just about every season.

Denton History

Located in Denton County, the city is the county seat and located on Interstate 35 right at the fork where 35 splits in two. Each section travels through Dallas or Fort Worth and is known as 35E or 35W respectively.Founded in 1857 in honor of John B. Denton, the city was not incorporated until 1866. The first mayor was J.B Sawyer and the initial residents only numbered 361. Over a period of 100 years, the city grew as railroads converged in the area.
Denton boasts two colleges. Both date back over 100 years. The University of North Texas was established in 1890 and the Texas Women’s University in 1903. In 1980, there were 25,000 students enrolled in the two colleges.The city is rich in music and arts. While it is known as a college town, many wonderful family neighborhoods abound and the city is a wonderful place to raise children. Its close proximity to many larger cities in a centralized North Texas location make it easy to find work.

Denton Weather

Denton is like most of North Texas in terms of weather. In the summer months, it can be quite hot. July can be very hot with little rain. Temperatures can reach 110 degrees but average 99 – 101. In winter, temperatures can range from a mild 50 or 60 degrees to at or below zero. Often ranging between the two variables in any given period. Snow is not common but one or two ice storms are the norm most years. The weather does not last and within days most of it is gone.