Lewisville Texas

Lewisville is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. It is centrally located in Denton County, Texas. According to the 2010 United States Census, the city was home to a population of 95,290. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with an increase of over 20,000 people in only twenty years. Compassing 36.4 square miles, this makes the population very dense. A little over 6 square miles are made up by a lake which is named Lewisville Lake.

The city dates back to 1840 and was originally called Holford’s Prarie. In 1881 the first railroad arrived in the area bolstering the growth of the city. The city was incorporated in 1925. The population did not explode until Lewisville Lake was finished in the 1950s. The lake made the city a recreational hub and both residential and commercial growth was evident. While the lake has always been a popular attraction, in the past it has been rated as the most dangerous lake in America due to the large number of drownings and accidents.


The weather in North Texas is typically pleasant and mild. Lewisville is no exception, offering a mild, dry climate. Summer months such as June, July and August can be very hot, reaching temperatures of over 100. The remainder of the year the temperatures are mild, with some cold weather experienced in a couple of winter months. While temperatures can reach zero or below, it is rare and does not last long. An occasional snow or ice event is normal but not frequent, typically only once or twice a season and lasting only a few days. Since the area is not well-equipped to handle such events, the city often shuts down during these storms.

The most common weather event the area experiences is heavy thunderstorms that can produce hail and/or tornadoes. This weather, while extreme, is infrequent and warning systems are in place to help residents prepare and respond. Many residents do install storm shelters.