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Roofing Company Highland Village TX: Trends in Roofing

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roofing company highland village txA new roofing style can change the entire look of a house. Today, any roofing company Highland Village TX will offer a variety of beautiful and exciting roofing options.

Roofing Company Highland Village TX Highlights Trends

Green roofs

If your home has a flat roof, you can transform that space into a beautiful garden. Green roofs are a fabulous addition to any home. They can add color with flowers or provide fresh produce for your kitchen that is just a story away! Green roofs also help to improve the air quality around your home. You can have a beautiful roof and help the environment too!


Deck Roofs

If your home has a smaller backyard, but you still want that wonderful deck you’ve always dreamed of, a deck roof could be just what you need! Deck roofs provide a beautiful space for relaxation, dinner parties, grilling or whatever you want. Add a few string lights and some outdoor furniture, and you’ve transformed what used to be a useless space to one of your favorite parts of your beautiful Highland Village home.


Skylights/Glass Tiles

Adding some natural light to your home can make all the difference in brightening up and bringing warmth to a dull space. Natural light makes it easier to care for and arrange indoor plants that would otherwise have to stay by a window. Skylights or clear PVC roofing material are both great options for brightening up your home.

roofing company highland village tx

Dramatic Color

The biggest trend for roofing is color and lots of it. From colored terracotta tiles to brightly hued metal roofing homeowners are making their homes more colorful from the top down. With a bright roof, homeowners can save on more expensive paint colors for the exterior walls by keeping it simple with white or gray for contrast.


Solar Panel Shingles

If you are interested in solar energy but are put off by the bulkiness that solar panels add to a home, solar panel shingles are the way to go! They are so subtle they can blend right into your other existing shingles. Solar panel shingles are the modern eco-friendly homeowner’s dream. They come in different styles too! You can get these unobtrusive modern wonders in a flat classic shingle style or even get some that are shaped to look like clay tiles.

If you’re looking to replacing your roof with a little something special, call your trusted local roofing company Highland Village TX, First Out Roofing, at (940) 227-4411.