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Do Metal Roofs Perform Better During Storm Season?

by Jan 27, 2020Blog

Anyone in Dallas knows that the weather can sometimes be a bit crazy. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or both, you always want to make sure your roof is ready to endure storm season, and if your roof is made of asphalt shingles, it might not be prepared for the intense weather to come. For the best roofing during this time of year, Dallas area residents can rely on First Out Roofing, the best choice for all metal roof installs and repairs. We are going to share with you some reasons you might want to consider a metal roof instead of a shingle roof for your home or business this storm season.

Less Damage Done

For starters, metal roofs are known to have a much longer lifespan than their asphalt counterparts. According to Building magazine, on average, asphalt shingle roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years, while the lifespan of a metal roof is more than 40 years. In the 20-year lifespan of asphalt roofs, they are prone to damage from severe weather and UV rays, requiring repairs several times during the life of the roof. Heavy rainfall or hail have been known to break off chunks of shingles. Also, due to their makeup, asphalt roofs are more likely to wear and erode quickly with exposure to harsh natural elements.

Metal roofs are less are much stronger and more durable when facing high winds and hailstorms. They are also less likely to be blown apart or chipped away at by debris, and even the heaviest of rains won’t erode them. In the event of your roof springing a leak from harsh weather or debris, First Out Roofing offers repairs, as well as many other roofing services.

Well Worth the Price

Although metal roofs tend to cost more than asphalt shingle roofs, they are definitely worth it in the long run. As mentioned before, asphalt roofs are more likely to succumb to damage. Though they might cost less upfront, one intense storm season could set you up to pay for thousands in repairs and patchwork.

Metal roofs can save you money because of how much sturdier they are, especially because they generally need much less upkeep. This is the difference between price and value. Rock-bottom roof material prices get you asphalt shingles. While they cost less, they don’t add value to your home over the long term. Metal roofs do, because they last so long and require so few repairs and minimal upkeep. If you want an affordable metal roof for your home or business, First Out Roofing is definitely the one to consider.

First Out Roofing: The Sturdiest Roofs in the Dallas Area

The last thing anyone wants during storm season is for their roof to spring a leak or break apart. Though asphalt shingle roofs are the least expensive option, they are not always reliable in severe weather and can often rack up big repair bills. Metal roofs are known for their long lifespan and ability to hold together in even the harshest of circumstances, which is why they are the preferred roof type for storm season.

If you are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, give First Out Roofing a call at (940) 227-4411 or visit our website to get a free inspection or written estimate. Safety and comfort are always important, and a tattered roof cannot provide those. First Out Roofing offers a wide variety of services to ensure you and your roof get the best care. Contact us today!

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