Freezing Weather Can Damage Roofs, Here’s What to Do

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As the temperatures start to drop in Texas, the weather starts to become more and more unpredictable. As the cold starts to set in and the chances of dealing with problems related to freezing get higher, the need to protect your roofing system properly becomes more vital. In addition to more frequent storms including rains, winds, and the potential for even more severe problems, home and business owners have to worry about how those problems could be made even worse thanks to the cold.

The last thing anyone wants to be dealing with during the coldest parts of the year is a problem with their roofing system because of how much protection it offers to you, and everything else inside your structure. A great way to try and avoid this type of frustrating scenario is to take steps to make sure that your roofing system is properly prepared to deal with these unpredictable seasonal changes.

To help people with this preparation process, the team here at 1st Out Roofing has put together some important ways that people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area can prepare their roofing systems. With a little planning and some preparation, the chances of needing to find an experienced contractor to handle emergency repairs at the worst possible time can be greatly reduced.

Cleaning Out Gutters

While it may seem like a simple thing to do, cleaning out your gutter system can have a big impact on the overall functionality of your roof. Because gutters provide a way for water and debris to run off your roof and away from your home, making sure everything is clear and well-taken care of can make a big difference.

During the months of fall, it is fairly common for gutter systems to become clogged with a buildup of standing water, debris, and other unwanted objects that can prevent effective drainage. If this is not taken care of, then your roofing system will be at risk of being flooded or damaged in some way during the colder months of winter. Problems such as ice dams, water infiltration, and even a potential collapse of the entire structure all become possible.

Instead of waiting and hoping for the best, being proactive and cleaning out your gutters can be a great way to make sure your roofing system will continue working the way it’s supposed to for as long as possible. If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, then it might be a good idea to upgrade your gutter system depending on how often you need to clean everything based on debris buildup over the seasons.

Use Proper Insulation

It is common knowledge that heat rises. When it comes to your roofing system, this means that the heated air from your home will have a tendency to move towards your attic. While this can be a good thing for keeping the rest of your home warm, it can become a potential problem for your roofing system if the insulation in this area is not able to do its job correctly.

Things like air leaks, or gaps in your interior insulation can create moisture buildups and condensation concerns across the underside of your roofing system. This means that the structures that hold everything together could become compromised over time, leading to a need for repairs or even possible replacement.

The easiest way to check whether or not your home’s insulation is providing the protection you need is to work with an experienced professional who can perform a thorough inspection before recommending any potential changes or repairs.

Don’t Forget About Your Pipes

In some cases, the piping systems of a building can be installed in the ceiling. If this is the case for you, then it is important to take the time to have everything inspected on a regular basis to be sure that there are no areas that need to be dealt with. While it isn’t always easy to get access to the pipes overall, there are still some steps that can be taken such as leaving cabinets open to allow your home’s heating system to warm up the spaces beneath your sinks and closer to these pipes.

Another useful trick on especially cold days is to leave a small drip open on your sinks. Even a small flow of water can go a long way towards preventing pipes that aren’t normally heated from freezing during the coldest parts of the year.

Be Proactive with Repairs

If you know that your roofing system is in need of some repair work, it is never a good idea to put it off for later. This is especially true when the weather becomes unpredictable and the temperatures start to drop. Instead of trying to wait it out, taking the time to make sure everything has been repaired by an experienced roofing contractor can make a great deal of difference.


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