How To Know It Might Be Time To Replace Your Windows

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It’s not always easy to determine if it’s time to replace your windows. For most homeowners, it’s clear: your windows might be old and drafty, or they could be original to your home. However, for some homeowners, it might not be as obvious. In fact, your windows might not have any noticeable signs that it’s time for them to be replaced. In that case, how do you know your windows need to be replaced?


Drafts are one of the most noticeable signs it’s time to replace your windows. Your old windows often become drafty over time, allowing the comfortable air from inside your home to escape. You might feel the air from outside in your home when you stand close to your windows, or you might notice your curtains moving on windy days. Energy loss through old, drafty windows accounts for nearly one-third of your heating and cooling costs.


Condensation is not a good thing when it comes to windows, and many homes are susceptible to condensation during the colder winter months due to the very nature of our changing temperatures. Although condensation can happen for a variety of reasons, there are some significant concerns when it comes to windows. Typically, if you notice condensation that means that you are dealing with a heat transfer issue between the cold air outside of the home and the warm air inside the house. However, condensation is a naturally occurring phenomenon and does not always mean that your windows are bad.

Visible Damage to the Panes

From issues of fogging up to water damage, window panes are not indestructible and will eventually need to be replaced due to damage. We have massive temperature swings during the Spring and Fall, and these swings can cause a host of issues with windows. Some of these issues like cracks in the glass or warping of the glass are quite noticeable. While others, such as water damage to the interior frame, or fogging issues can be tougher to spot. The real purpose of a window is to provide your home with ventilation, airflow, and light, and if your windows are failing to provide your home with these essential tasks, it might be time to think about replacement windows.

Outdated Windows

Your windows might function well, but they may look old and outdated. If your home needs a curb appeal boost, we recommend replacing your windows with modern replacement windows.

First Out Roofing: Your North Texas Door Experts

Replacing your windows is not a cheap task, but when you consider the costs associated with energy bills due to faulty windows, it is a task that is a necessity. We have shared some of the common signs that you probably need to replace your windows. 

First Out Roofing’s professional installation makes window replacement seamless and easy.  If you’re interested in energy savings, call our talented team right away to schedule your free window assessment! After our team is finished, you’ll have beautiful new windows gracing every part of your home.


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