roof repair flower mound txAfter you get the drip bucket in place, call us today for fast service on roof repair Flower Mound TX! A roof’s function is to keep your home, family and valuables safe and dry, so when your roof leaks, you need to get it fixed fast! The leak repair specialists at First Out Roofing understand and we will be out quickly to ensure no further damage ensues. There are many reasons why your roof may be leaking and some of them are avoidable. Let’s discuss the most common reasons why a roof is leaking.

Why is my roof leaking?

Here are just a few of the most common reasons your roof may be leaking.

Your Flashing May Be Cracked or Damaged

The pieces of metal make up what is called flashing, which is installed under the shingles and on joins in the roof. These pieces of metal, or flashing, create a barrier against water. You may have seen the flashing, as it can be exposed in some places, however, it is usually concealed. Flashing can be damaged by many things, including storms and weather, animals and your environment or even improper installation. Typically, the damage will consist of small to large cracks. In some instances, the flashing may be too short.

Your Shingles May Be Broken

When shingles are broken or damaged, it is typically easy to spot. Visually inspect your roof (or call us to come take a look) and you should easily be able to see if a shingle is missing or broken. Look for a different color patch or in some cases, you may actually find a piece of the shingle in your yard. Heavy storms and wind can often damage shingles, so be sure to check your roof after such events.

Your Valleys Aren’t Properly Sealed

Your roof valleys are the places where two of the planes on your roof come together (or the seams). These valleys are where a lot of water will most likely run down the roof into the gutters and if they are improperly sealed, water can get into the roof and leak. If you see wet spots that are along the seams of the roof, this is a good indicator that the valleys are not sealed properly and need repair.

Your Vent Booting Is Cracked

Those pipes sticking out of your roof are the roof vents and are there for various reasons, typically to get rid of any moisture from the inside of your house. When the booting, or area around that vent is cracked or improperly sealed, you can get a roof leak. You can typically tell this is the case if there are dark spots around these areas. Like flashing, the materials can crack or break down over time. Having your roof inspected on a regular basis can often catch these things before a roof leak begins.

We are experts at finding and repairing roof leaks! Call First Out Roofing for Roof Repair Flower Mound TX!