Learn How to Avoid These Common Texas Roofing Scams

by | May 27, 2020 | Blog

At First Out Roofing, our clients are always our first priority. We work hard to give the best roofing services to every client we serve, but not every roofing business has the same goal. Roofing scams are all too common in Texas, so we’ve put together a guide to help you avoid falling victim. 

Pay Attention to Deductibles

Don’t trust any roofer that tells you your deductible is optional. These roofers tell potential clients they can get around paying their deductible, but this is just a way of setting you up to be the scapegoat for their fraud. These roofers will use cheap materials for your repairs, charge for services they didn’t provide, and give you fraudulent invoices to give your insurance company. By handing them this invoice, you’re guilty of fraud. Essentially, you’ll be forced to do the time for this roofer’s crime. You have a responsibility to pay your deductible, so don’t trust any roofer who says you can get around it. 

Always Read the Fine Print

Contingency contracts are often used by legitimate roofers, but they can easily be altered to scam clients. Before you sign a contingency contract, read the fine print and avoid signing any contract that says you’ll owe them a certain amount of money even if your insurance company denies your request. Legitimate contingency contracts will always become null and void if the insurance company denies your claim. 

Avoid Large Up-Front Payments

Generally, legitimate roofing companies will require an up-front deposit which can be as large as 50-70% depending on the size of the project and the cost of the materials. If your roofing company demands a 100% up-front payment, they’re probably scamming you. This is one of the easiest ways to scam innocent people out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, so don’t let yourself fall victim. If you encounter a roofer that asks for a 100% deposit before they begin, it’s always best to respectfully decline and look for another company with a good reputation.

Don’t Accept Door-to-Door Inspections

Door-to-door roof inspectors can be tempting. They’ll show up at your door offering a free inspection of your roof, and then they’ll cause damage to your roof and photograph it so they can offer their repair services. If anyone comes to your door offering a free inspection, decline their offer and schedule an inspection with a reputable company. 

Avoid Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are roofing companies that follow storm patterns across the country and show up to damaged homes after storms offering their repair services. Storm chasers make money off of vulnerable homeowners who have just suffered extremely dangerous storms, and they don’t deserve your money. Before hiring a roofing company, check their legitimacy with the Better Business Bureau and see where their headquarters are located. If their headquarters are in another state, or if they don’t have a central location, it’s probably best to choose another company to perform your repairs.

Quality Roof Repairs With First Out Roofing

At First Out Roofing, we’re always doing everything we can to give our clients the best roofing services we can. Our experienced roofers always work to treat the entire problem and tell you what you need to know about maintaining a healthy roof. If you need inspections, maintenance or repairs, call or visit our website for a free quote!


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