Roofer is a word referring to a person who performs services for roofs. It can also apply to a company. When it comes to quality, not all are created equal. Time on the job, experience with different roof types and many other factors play a part in how good your roofer is at his/her job. Being a trade, roofing is not something you can go to college for and learn. Instead, like many other trade industries, skills are learned on-the-job. A new apprentice will learn much of his craft from the person that he/she works with on a regular basis. So it is safe to assume that the quality of the apprentice skills are largely affected by the teacher. In many cases, this may be a father-son relationship as the skills are passed down through generations.

Roofer Skills

So what skills are involved with being a roofer? To start, having a fear of heights may be something to consider immediately. The job entails being on high, steep roofs on a continual basis. Steady footing is important. Focus will be key in both quality f work and safety. When working from such a high place, safety is a priority. There are recorded deaths each year in teh roofing industry.

Some math may be required if estimating will be part of your job description. There will be a need for someone to figure out how many tiles or sheets are needed to cover a certain area of the roof. A good roofer with these skills is always in high demand. Being self motivated is also key. Most roofing jobs are paid at a set rate so a roofer is often paid in the same way. It is common practice to pay by the sheet not by the hour. A highly motivated roofer can make a better wage if they are fast and efficient. One area of growth that is making a huge impact on materials and how roofs are laid is green building. New technologies are coming out each year. A good roofer will stay abreast of these technologies. This will make them more marketable.

Every job is different. From residential to commercial, there are many types of roof styles and materials. This makes a roofers job challenging in some cases. The more experience the roofer has, the more jobs he/she will be able to work on.

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