McKinney Texas

McKinney is situated in Collin County and is the county seat. It is the second largest city in the county and 19th largest in Texas. It is located about 37 miles North of Dallas. According to the 2010 census report, the population was 131,117. It is estimated that the current population is over 155,000.

McKinney History

The town was founded in 1849 in a sense by William Davis, who owned the 3,000 acres. He donated the 120 acres for the actual townsite and ten years later, McKinney incorporated. For the next 125 years, the town mainly served as a commercial center for the county. Many business came to acquire flour, corn, cotton and things made from cotton, such as cotton mills and gins. To keep up with commerce, the town saw several banks, churches and schools built, plus a newspaper. In 1880, an opera house opened and the area expanded to include other businesses, such as textiles, ice, dairy and garment-manufacturing. The city got its name from Collin McKinney who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

McKinney is a fun town with lots of parks and recreation. It is family oriented and easily accessed from the entire Metroplex, making it a great town to live in even if you work farther away. Plano is close by with many new large corporate headquarters. Lake Texas and the vast recreational areas surrounding the lake are close by as well. It is well situated for families.

The climate is that of other North Texas towns. It is pleasant most of the time with fluctuating temperatures. July is typically the hottest month and can reach temperatures above 100 degrees for many days in a row. The winter is mainly mild with little snow but occasional ice. The most severe weather condition is sever thunderstorms that can drop hail and tornadoes but this is normal in the North Texas area. This is typically a result from the temperature variance that can happen in here. It is not uncommon to see a variable temperature of 50 degrees in the same day during spring or fall. But for the most part, McKinney is warm and pleasant throughout the year.