Storm Chaser Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Blog

Heavy storms can come at unexpected times and cause serious damage to residential and commercial buildings. The damage can be so bad that families might be forced to leave their homes and spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Unfortunately, some people might try to take advantage of homeowners in this difficult time by scamming them out of money for the promise of repairing their roof. These scammers are known as storm chasers. It’s important to stay aware of storm chasers and similar roofing scammers to protect yourself from falling victim to them.

At First Out Roofing, we care about providing fair and honest roofing services to all our clients. If you need roof repairs after a storm, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about storm chasing scammers and how to avoid them.

The Storm Chaser Scam

‘Storm chasers’ make money by following weather forecasts and storm warnings. They might try to appear as a long-time member of your community by getting a local address or buying names from legitimate companies. Storm chasers will often show up at your doorstep after a storm has passed and offer their services, sometimes even without an inspection. 

If a storm chaser does offer a free inspection, don’t take them up on it. They might get up on a less visible part of your roof only to create damage that wasn’t there in the first place so they can take pictures of it and offer their repair services.

If a storm chaser does follow through with repairs, they’re likely to be extremely overpriced in comparison to legitimate roofing companies. However, most storm chasers will offer repairs at much lower rates than other local companies and require upfront payment. This isn’t the industry standard, and they aren’t likely to perform the repairs at all. 

How to Identify Storm Chasers

Be wary of anyone who knocks on your door to offer their roofing services. This is a common scamming tactic and it isn’t a practice used by legitimate roofers. Don’t accept an inspection from doorstep roofers, even if it’s free. Most roofing companies offer free inspections, so it’s best to only get one from a roofer you trust. Always check a roofing company’s Better Business Bureau page before hiring them to fix your roof. Don’t be afraid to ask a roofer, especially one who comes to your door, for proof that they’re a long-time member of your community. Make sure the information they give you checks out, and avoid a company if you have any worries about their legitimacy. 

Quality Roofing Services with First Out Roofing

First Out Roofing offers quality roof repairs and maintenance at prices you can afford. Our team of talented roofers is dedicated to providing great services every time, and client satisfaction is always our top priority. Whether you need regular maintenance or storm damage repairs, First Out Roofing can help. We also offer decking, leak repairs, home remodeling, and roof replacements. Call or visit our website for more information or a free quote today!


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