The Good and Bad of Roof Ventilation Systems

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Blog

Roof and attic ventilation are a vital part of keeping your home running smoothly. Without the proper ventilation, you could have to deal with mold and mildew, increased energy costs, dry rot, rusting in your H VAC ducting, water damage, and much more.

Fortunately, you have a lot of options when it comes to roof ventilation systems. Many different systems offer different kinds of ventilation with their own pros and cons. We’re going to break down the benefits and drawbacks of a few ventilation systems so you can make an informed decision for your home.

Box Ventilation

Box vents can also be known as flat vents, turtle vents or low-profile vents, and they take advantage of natural convection to help moisture and hot air escape through openings in your attics. This system is great because it’s low-maintenance and requires no electricity. Unfortunately, this kind of ventilation is limited in how useful it can be. You’ll usually have to install multiple box vents for the ventilation your attic needs.

Soffit Ventilation

Soffit ventilation provides an opportunity for air intake into your attic, which can help improve airflow in the rest of your home as well. These are installed in the soffit and eave areas in your attic. Soffit ventilation can be more costly than other ventilation systems because they work best when combined with a continuous ridge vent.

Power Ventilation

Power vents, also known as Power Attic Vents or PA V’s, are typically roof or gable mounted and contain large fans driven by a connected motor. These fans work hard to push out moisture and heat, and more sophisticated PA V’s even come with thermostats and humidity meters which allow you to monitor and control the temperature and humidity in your attic. This system also makes minimal sound which won’t be much louder than your home’s H VAC system. Because of the minimal sound, it might be difficult for homeowners to know whether or not this system is working properly. That’s why regular maintenance is vital for any power ventilation system.


Turbines don’t rely on a motor to run, but instead use the power of wind to stay functional. This is good for your electric bill, but some homeowners might not want to rely on the wind to ventilate their attic. This system also comes with higher costs, since you should always choose the highest quality turbine system you can find. Cheaper turbine systems might not last longer than a year, but a high-end turbine system can give you years of ventilation. The high cost and reliance on wind power can be turn-offs for many homeowners, and the effectiveness of this system is highly dependent on your climate.

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