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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Hail Damage Inspected

by Jun 12, 2020Blog

With Texas storm season approaching, many homeowners are worried about sustaining hail damage on their roofs. Hail can be tough on new and aging roofs, and leaving it be after a storm can cause even more problems down the road. At First Out Roofing, we believe in quick and comprehensive roof repairs, and we always work to find and treat the entire problem on any roof. Here’s everything you need to know about dealing with hail damage this storm season. 

How Hail Damages Your Roof

Even small piece of hail can have devastating impacts on your roof. When hail hits your shingles, it can knock them loose and expose the layer of roof underneath, causing leaks and water damage. It can also crack or break your shingles, and these broken pieces can fall off and take other shingles with it. The pieces can also fall into your gutter, causing more damage. The most common problem hail causes is with the aggregate, or rocky outer material, on your shingles. Hail can knock aggregate loose and weaken the overall integrity of your shingles. One of the most common signs of hail damage is seeing these piece of aggregate in your gutter or drainage system after a storm. 

Why Waiting is A Bad Idea

We recommend having your roof inspected immediately after a hail storm, even if you don’t think any damage was done. Letting a damaged roof sit after a storm means your weakened shingles will get baked by the hot sun, making them more brittle. If another hail storm hits your brittle shingles, they’re more likely to break apart and leave your roof exposed. This can lead to leaks, holes, water damage, and even collapsing. Hail damage can be subtle and hard to notice, but it can easily destroy your roof. 

Schedule Inspections as Soon as Possible

To avoid more damage and long-term problems with your roof, we always recommend scheduling an inspection right after any hail storm. However, it’s important to avoid storm chasers and door-to-door inspectors. These scammers might offer to inspect your roof for free, get up there and cause damage on purpose so they can show you pictures of it and offer their own roofing services. Avoid falling victim to these people by finding and sticking with a reputable roofing company with great reviews and years of experience. Some legitimate roofing companies even offer free hail damage inspections, especially in storm-prone places like Texas. 

Roof Inspections and Repairs With First Out Roofing

If you need your roof inspected or repaired for a reasonable price after a hail storm, First Out Roofing can help. Our team of experienced roofers believes in fast, quality roof repairs and great customer service, every time. We’ll get to you as soon as possible and perform a thorough inspection of your roof, keeping an eye out for sneaky hail damage and giving you the best advice on repairing it. Once we find the problem, we’ll do everything we can to treat the entire problem so you can feel confident in your roof again. Call or visit our website today for a free quote on our roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs!

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